Ferry and Fischerhouse zu Uetz

In 1836/1837 today's Ferryhouse Uetz was planned by Ludwig Persius, built in 1838 and moved into in 1839. It was a thank you from the king to the village of Uetz and especially to the ferryman. The single-storey half-timbered building with yellow bricks was richly decorated and painted inside and out. The wooden parts were macerated. Originally it was thatched.

After 1945 the building was home to up to four families. The barn next to the ferry house, with a similar design on the outside, was unfortunately badly damaged in a fire in 1988 and had to be demolished. The embankment of the motorway ring around Berlin built in the 1930s caused the Wublitz, which was once more than 100 meters wide here, to silt up. The former gully is now swampy, but can still be seen.

In 2012 we, Henry Sawade and Sabine Swientek, bought the property and have been working on the restoration of the house with a lot of passion, personal contribution and commitment ever since. Large parts of the outer facade with lime sludge and the applied joint line, the numerous wooden parts that are colored and macerated on oak have already been restored.

Inside you can already see the ferryman's restored parlor with the original wall painting. Various beetles can be found in several places between the oak leaves in the surrounding frieze. The former tea room of the king on the other side is still awaiting restoration and is currently used as a workshop. The “black kitchen” and the reapers' room are also to be restored. Due to their own specialist knowledge and intensive occupation with old building and design techniques, the builders themselves carry out most of the work themselves and justifiably describe the property as their life's work.